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you. know. i mean. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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our guys have time for show and tell and i program now earlier this week we spoke about government support for business and how they tend to favor big business over startups the should they be shifting their priorities to help the little guys get a producer for treason assented to find out what she had to say. listen to some of . the films from some of. the buildings some of. them some.
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of them. on the streets of d.c. the center of big government and big business as the average person if they think that startup companies could use an extra help from the government and also find out if they agree or disagree with our viewers so david said on facebook if the business looks promising that it helps a community they should help out with a startup even if it's promising business and not so sure that's really the place of the government to help with a specific business really should be more helping with just the general business environment you know to make a startup successful but not pick an individual one if it does help out the community which they should definitely provide money. that's a great idea to get job creation going and actually help small business owners get new businesses off the ground so i would agree with with that statement christopher facebook said no way that's what banks in private investors are for i'm pretty sure that the banks do help that but the banks work is a good interface between the s.b.a.
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and the private startups any help that we can give. small startups i think it's good to help out but once they actually get set up and they're a bit larger i think that's when you know we should sort of let them stand on their own if you can go the private investor route great you can go the angel bus for good if you can get daddy's money perfect but if you can't do any of that and you have a sound idea that could help the government help help the general populace and i think the government should be a part of that it looks like even the people on the streets in d.c. who may work for the government or big businesses can agree that the small guy needs more help than the government is providing. them with some sort. now as always we appreciate your responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we spoke to libertarian candidate for president gary johnson about the g.o.p. debate last night and the possibility of
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a ron paul mitt romney alliance so i want to know if you would be disappointed if ron paul officially endorsed one of the other g.o.p. candidates for the presidency let us know if you think on facebook twitter and you tube and who knows the response just might make it on air. now the founding fathers created the original bill of rights was to guarantee protections for the people from the government but now in our digital world the obama administration has proposed a new consumer privacy bill of rights to protect your data from companies that want to get their hands on it so just think about so many of the recent revelations right the browsers phone and excuse me phones and apps are all tracking your whereabouts or communication story your address books and other personal data so here is what is in the obama administration's proposal that they released yesterday calling on congress to enact it there are seven main points here the first individual control consumers have a right to exercise control over what personal data companies collect from them and how they use it and we have transparency consumers have
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a right to easily understandable and accessible information about privacy and security practices the third respect for context consumers have a right to expect that companies will collect use and disclose personal data and ways that are consistent with the context in which consumers provide that data and their security consumers have a right to secure and responsible handling of personal data access and accuracy is the next one consumers have a right to access and correct personal data in usable formats and a matter that's appropriate to the sensitivity of the data and the risk of the adverse consequences to consumers if that were to be an accurate and focused collection meaning consumers have a right to reasonable limits on the personal data the companies collect and retain and finally accountability consumers have a right to personal data handled by companies with appropriate measures in place to assure that they adhere to the consumer privacy bill of rights so there you have it seems pretty basic and yet so vague right let's break down what these proposed points even mean and how it affects us on
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a daily kind of way let's also take this with a grain of salt because if this gets and acted in a way that they figure out to enforce it what's to say that this bill of rights will be trampled on like the original is on a daily basis especially now that we're in a permanent state of a war on terror joining me from our studio in new york is aaron swartz the executive director of demand progress and thanks so much for joining us tonight and i guess for starters you think this is a good idea that you think that we need a consumer privacy bill of rights these days. oh thanks so much for having me i think it's exciting to see this and i think it's a story of the power of activism a young man named chris of going came up with this simple idea a couple of years ago just a do not track button that could be built in your web browser that would force companies and other online service providers to stop tracking you and he pushed and pushed it for years he talked all the browser companies you talk to the standards bodies he pushed everyone he could think of he got everyone to sign on except for google and today at the white house the president indorsed it and google announced
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they were finally signing on and now every major browser in every major ad company well today starting today have this do not track button that will opt out of some adam work so it's an exciting staff and there's definitely you know a lot of props to the obama administration and a great credit to going for pushing this as i there's definitely a lot of momentum building right now and absolutely christmas declines been a frequent guest of our show so it's good there are people out there that are fighting for this now i want to break down this specific bill of rights that the obama administration released and maybe you can put it into more layman's terms tell us how it will affect us on a daily basis right if we talk about the first one which is individual control and we have control over what personal data companies collect from us how are they going to force that. i mean the thing understand is all the principles you mentioned you know they sound good and they have nice names and little pictures on the white house website but unfortunately they haven't provided any legislative proposals there's nothing moving in either house of congress and instead what's
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moving is a new bill from the same guy who brought us sopa well our smith which proposes to go backwards in terms of privacy instead of protecting people's privacy it would require now to keep records of everything you do so that the government could request them later and the obama proposal doesn't talk at all about that. but do you think that they at least have the right principles down there you know i mean if we're talking about individual control transparency respect for context security access and accuracy you know how do you how would you apply those to an individual and tell them how to affect them on a daily basis you know wherever they're shopping wherever they're browsing online. i mean they're all great stuff so the idea is you know companies collect all of this state about you you should be able to go to a page so it shows you everything they know and then you should be able to delete it or correct it so for example there was a big story in the new york times of the week that target now is able to detect which of their customers are pregnant based on certain purchases of creams and so
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on that they make right now it's kind of a surprise you have no idea what their target thinks you're pregnant or not under this kind of proposal you would be able to go to a page on the target website and see the kind of information like that that they've collected about you and so in your mind how would this actually have to work you know do the obama administration have to get this passed congress is there something in the f.t.c. can do without legislation passed by congress. you know there's certain things the f.t.c. can do and they've already done a lot you know to its credit the f.t.c. has been very strong in going after companies like google and facebook and holding them to the privacy terms that they've promised but what this does is it goes beyond that and it says that companies not only need to keep to the promises they make but they have to make a higher standard of promise and that's the sort of thing that's going to require more legislation ok but is it just a promise though right i mean at the beginning of the interview you brought up this do not track feature which google finally decided to sign onto you but at the same time it's kind of. they can often or they can opt out they don't have to have this
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do not track option you know to provide to people so if there was this consumer privacy bill of rights then would it be law would they just would they have no choice but to abide by it in some fashion. it's two parts the current proposal is that companies that promise then that promise is permanent and you have to see couldn't force it so google today announced they would follow it the major companies pretty much everybody except facebook promised that they would abide by it and you have to see will now watch and make sure they keep those promises but to bring everybody else in to bring facebook and the other companies on the internet to the table that's where new legislation is necessary to force them to uphold these agreements shocking that facebook would be a part of it but you know when you think about me. when you think about the idea that you know now you have the government essentially telling consumers we're going to protect you from companies but i mean can we trust that right we have the government that when one point we have about a fire is they create a bill of rights to protect us from the government and unfortunately we see those
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rights being eroded on a daily basis and we talk about it here all the time on the a lot of shows so why should these give us any hope i guess you could say especially if the government isn't going to apply it to itself. yeah no there's no question that we need to keep holding the government accountable and that's where popular pressure is helpful but the fact is with some of these huge companies like google and facebook you need a big bully that's able to bring them into line and to make them do things and so sometimes the government can be useful in forcing them to respect people's rights now it's true it's not enough and we shouldn't trust the government we shouldn't take it on faith if we should continue to apply pressure but it is nice sometimes to see you know one big bully beating up another one all right well i guess you know i can't help but get a little skeptical sometimes but it definitely seems like a step that we need to take in this digital age of ours and thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks for having me again. hey guys it's time for our last
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break of the evening when we come back at the station that just can't seem to pull off a piece of the face of c.n.n. is our tools and i'm happy our congressman is willing to kill for the budget and sasha baron cohen was disinvited from the academy awards. people calling what you said for free and fair elections. and we're still reporting from the summer as you can hear behind me loud explosions . in the.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm trying hard is a big issue. our
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guys it's time for tonight's tool time award as an eye goes to the supposedly most trusted name in news c.n.n. last night we were forced to suffer through yet another g.o.p. debate and despite the fact that almost a month has gone by since the last one john king didn't really seem any better pair now i've had my issues with king as a moderator for a while now we know who can forget his really annoying attempts at interruptions during a debate last summer just in case you have forgotten actually politico was nice enough to compile some of the best from that debate. just to say that president
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obama and the ideas that the united states proposed going to have it cut it by should join a stream or forget this you know for gas i'm just saying i'll see if i recall our guys right at the debate you have to have some off already as the person that's moderating it but no matter where the debate is what the topic is who the candidate is king seems to really struggle with that i mean i don't think they we can forget king's inability to stand up for himself when he was attacked by newt last time she says you asked her sure to enter into an open marriage would you like to take some time to respond to that no but i will. as you noted mr speaker this story did not come from our network as you also know it is the subject of conversation in the campaign i'm not sure you get your point i take your point john it was repeated going you're not going to you chose to start today with a don't try to blame somebody else. yeah or there was a time when king lost control so much the audience actually decided to choose who they wanted to answer what. let's take a question now from social media question. for
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we move on you want on this issue they want to win on this issue if you like an issue. the thing is it's not just john king anderson cooper seems to have control issues the debates as well for example when perry clear it up for cooper who exactly asks and who answers the questions a trial that illegal immigrants who's born here is automatically american citizen should that change let me address. the issue that you're on the road here to be rather got a question and answer that i understand that you get to ask questions i get to answer like i want to and how i mean and romley romney cleared that exact same thing up again last night for john king. i'm the only person there a conception about you the question is a misperception a lack of you know you get asked the questions you want to give the answers i want a. fair enough way to be assertive there john but
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it's not just the lack of control that i take issue with when it comes to the moderators sometimes i'm actually shocked at what they decide is and isn't worth covering for example king apparently didn't think it was necessary to ask foreign policy questions of the january nineteenth g.o.p. debate and wolf blitzer didn't ask a single question about the defense budget for two thousand and thirteen of the pentagon released that day last night king totally ignore the topic of gas prices even though obama was giving a speech the very next morning to address the issue not to mention of course that he also forgot the housing crisis the war in afghanistan and what's going on over the eurozone amongst other things but what really gets my blood boiling is the lack of accountability for the statements that are being made for example last night john king allowed santorum to spew insanity when it comes to birth control without so much as a follow up question when king asked why santorum had said that he would be the first president to address contraception this is his answer. charles murray just wrote a book about this and it's on the front page of new york times two days ago which
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is the increasing number of children being born out of wedlock in america teens who are sexually active what we're seeing is a problem in our culture with respect to children being raised by children children being raised out of wedlock. so in terms argument for why he believes that contraception is bad was to cite the very reasons why contraception family planning can be so important right he was teen pregnancy children being born born out of wedlock is evidence that society is fracturing and the to top it all off can't even find it necessary to point out that contraception can be a really important tool to stopping those things not to mention the fact that santorum reference somebody who in a previous book tried to tie intelligence to race but hey not every nosy charles murray is right but you know what everyone does know the contraception helps people keep from getting pregnant you know people like teens and unwed mothers so grabbing moderators that have just totally lost control of boy do the tough questions fail
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to call candidates out on their crap c.n.n. is tonight's told time warner. ok guys aside for happy hour and joining me this evening r.t. correspondent christine for is out and kevin glass managing editor of townhall things join me guys let's not be thursday. all right so you know i guess they make it really easy for us to make fun of the presidential candidates because they're on this national debate stage never gets to see but there's the really good stuff that you miss sometimes from crazy politicians that happens locally and so this actually was passed on to t.p.m. from someone local this is representative john sullivan from oklahoma and he was basically lamenting the fact that a budget can't get passed in congress and thought that this is what he would have
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to do to make it happen. well you know the. words. you know. going over there with. the woman. these are the lives of the left. they really have to kill a couple said if there is to get your budget passed i mean it is certainly an intemperate choice of words but you know this doesn't mean we're going back to the days of preston brooks and cain beatings on the congressional floor. and additional to that it's apparently false i talked to senator ron johnson a couple weeks ago and he told me there are a lot of democrats that a lot of the republicans want to work with in the senate on budget issues people like senator ron wyden people like senator joe manchin so i think that the portrayal of the senate as kind of a gridlocked house were nothing to get past is a little i know that's not true i mean we see it all the time right when it comes
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to certain legislation i mean we always mention it defense appropriations bills whatever passing the patriot act or extending it there has managed to come together that but however and i think to a look of people it's still it is a place where it's easier to get something done just about anywhere because there are so many things attached even if you want to get something passed democrat republican you are serving a lot more people than just yourself or your constituents you have lobbyists you have people so i think that i agree sometimes that it's played out that nothing can get done but really it is a very difficult place to get and obviously i don't agree with the statement that you have to shake someone or shoot them or whatever but if they resort to but i was there john i love it and did in fact send a public apology after they obtained the audio of this he was going to the talking points memo are you apologizing to you know how they wrote it i don't know if he was apologizing to all of of all of congress for all of america that it
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violence is bad i wonder how that played in oklahoma. they love their dogs. take a look at this chicken nugget this woman. is to go to city to try to sell this on e bay because she says that it looks like george washington and i got to say i mean it kind of has a really resemblance to. the auction ends next week. there was one big yesterday for one hundred dollars not really i was about to before i came on to see if anyone else had. bid on it cause i know it goes for a good cause but i mean would you go to george washington to convict i mean i don't know what it does look like in that looking glass or every so if you're dungaree you know ten years from well you must forever or will it smell of your house and groan well you know they have those pictures of mcdonald's food and how it just doesn't rot and it stays the same if you look at a mcdonald's burger years from now which was just me and every i thought was just.
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oh no no i want to have you know the figures will go a long way who we can sort of the crazier person the person to see george washington in the chicken i didn't see the words washington in that show you know i don't think it looks like oh i think it looks like a chicken. or is it the person that bidding on hundreds of dollars for that thing on e bay it's like they're facing each other. pretty convincing you also see jesus in the toast or whatever that this is louis is like you know the people that see jesus everywhere and so much into this new trend ok let's move on to something that boston city councilor is trying to get past because you know what do you do if you're the guy that's working the valet is somebody who's clearly too wasted to drive home. you know should they actually be obligated not to give people their keys back foot. is there a way that we can work with the ballet companies to help us prevent drunk driving
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boston city council drafted an ordinance that would require valet parking companies to keep the car keys from patrons who appear too drunk to drive. when you think about idea this is a tough one because a lot of these valet parking people are at restaurants especially nicer restaurants where the goal is to get people you know give them as much delicious food and give them and get them as liquored up as possible and that's really tough i think for me holding the valet responsible is a bad idea but encouraging them or perhaps widening provisions so that the car could stay there overnight. because that's that's really really tough i think the responsibilities were really runs into some problems because you don't want to have to say this is valid i was just working they're making like nine bucks an hour plus tax and force to hold the keys from some rich guy coming out of a really exclusive restaurant and that he's legally liable for any drunk driving accidents that may occur if he does give him the keys and one that's where he gets
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the i.v. because i could somebody could actually. say that you let me get behind the door and do they know you know this guy's too drunk he's walking you know fifteen feet from the door to the car how is the valet going to tell you know this guy's too drunk that guy's not to drive and i would imagine and i don't have evidence of this but i would imagine there are restaurants where a valet specifically would probably be told not to say anything to that person because that you know clients that spend a lot of money guess that come back you know repeated times to eat at that restaurant they don't want to be told what to do i mean if they can't do that i think that maybe they should have a shuttle service that the rest will take you home and bring you back to your car the next day you know i mean according to the articles in the local news here some of the companies say if they already have similar policies that you know they try to tell their employees to keep that in mind this will make it easier for them to enforce them but it's a it's a tricky it's a really tricky and i think i agree let's move on to the last one i think we have time for tonight which is. cohen who was going to go to the academy awards but.
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you might do something like take a look here comes the ship baron cohen the jackal risk. i think you show up on the right carpet as the character for your new film the dictator gone was asked to be a presenter to go to heaven but you can't be told to be put to come here at the fine. arts and you want to come as a dictator and they told him the same thing that he can't unless they can be sure that he's not going to pull any stunts and try to come in costume i think this is a really no one move by the academy you know that i think i am outraged have you seen some of the dresses that these women wear where you can almost see like their private parts i mean those women can come in they get all the cameras looking at them they get the cover of vogue magazine the next month but he can't come in character i think of their issue is really that they don't want him to come in and promote his own film because he's there because he not only is he a member of the cademy but he's also part of hugo part of the cast there and so they don't want to just get free promotion and promote. fishley invited is because
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he's a member of the cast that's been nominated for awards and it's so late is no fun and then when you realize that story that came out about how the majority of the people to vote for the oscars are all like white men and you kind of expenses are going to they're going is always in some sort of character so he just wouldn't be in there asking him to be someone who's not going to have a thanks much for joining us thank you that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and i make you come back tomorrow james pullos host of the bottom line and reform school on p.j. t.v. is going to be joining us for happy hour and i mean time to become don't forget to become a fan on facebook don't forget to follow the twitter if you want to see anything it's you tube dot com slash we want to show and we have next. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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